Why Build What Counts?

Build What Counts comes from the life experience of Dr. Sid Webb, a nonprofit leadership consultant. In 2013 he and his family lost everything--including most of his work--to the worst wildfire in Colorado history. The footage of their burning house was seen on the news for the next two years. 


What now? Sid asked. Thinking about how quickly everything in his life vaporized, he decided to reboot his consulting practice around one central theme: Build What Counts. The experience caused him to double-down on significance. To describe the experience, in 2018 Sid published Nomad's Fire: Life at the Intersection of Loss and Significance. This website contains a section which supplements the book.


Why you?


All of us wrestle with questions of significance. Most of us deal with them on a personal and an organizational scale. Your questions may include, what is it that makes my personal life significant? How could my organization be more effective in doing what really matters? How could my board be more focused on what counts, and stop wasting its time?

Don't let the wrong things burn up in your life. Build what counts while you can. Someday, it will be too late.

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Before Sid and his wife started digging in the ash of their home, they spontaneously made this video:

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