Millions of Americans are facing acute life transition questions. Many want to downsize and/or focus on something besides maintaining all of their stuff. But, they don't have the knowledge, energy, or will to start moving in that direction. They are overwhelmed by the thought of what it will take to declutter . . . the time spent, the tough decisions, the expected emotional pain of loss. But downsizing can be extremely liberating. Instead of pain, you will find joy and relief.

Many plan to not deal with the stuff but leave it for their kids to sort out. That seems awfully disrespectful. Do you want someone doing that to you? Take action today, and turn this dysfunctional situation into something constructive!

We can help you with the courage, the next steps, and the decision. It takes guts to make the move, and that means you need support. Contact us today for a conversation about your situation. You're already facing enough stress, so we will make the conversation pressure-free and helpful.

Let us help you move toward a more focused and impactful lifestyle!

Susan Webb


Our personal transition guidance is led by Susan Webb, who is a retired nurse with decades of experience helping people make life changes. Susan is specially versed in issues of life transition, home downsizing, and cultural awareness. She is actively involved in helping international ladies merge into American society. She can help you if you are wrestling with how to downsize, how to declutter, and how to move toward a more focused and impactful lifestyle.