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1. The Focused Board Retreat: Board development, the interactive way

Many boards are disengaged. Many of their members are unclear about their duties. Board meetings waste time and produce little of significance. Pick up a copy of your board meeting minutes, take a yellow highlighter, and mark what decisions of consequence your board actually made. You probably won't see much yellow.

Change the equation by getting your board together for our Focused Board experience. We'll guide them to be more focused, more engaged, and more enthused.


One challenge with the nonprofit board is that its members have fiduciary governing responsibility, but often have scant knowledge of their organization's programs and issues. Compare the amount of time the CEO spends on the organization compared to the time the board spends. You're looking at 2,500 hours a year versus 25 hours. Put on a bar chart, it looks like this; no wonder CEOs and boards have issues:

We specialize in tackling and improving these dysfunctionalities. Contact us today!  For more about Focused Board, click here.

2. Leader coaching: Let us help you get focused

The world has woken up to the importance of executive coaching. We've coached leaders around the globe with consultative coaching, which is a blend of technical advice and pure coaching. It's designed to help you to gain insight and clarity toward achieving your goals.


Leadership is a lonely place, and we intentionally design our coaching to give you encouragement and a listening ear. (Think of how little people listen to each other these days. We change that equation.) Coaching may be conveniently conducted over the phone, so close proximity is not a requirement. We'll typically have one or two scheduled sessions per month, plus what we call the Help Desk (contact us as needed). Contact us for a no-pressure, pro bono conversation about your needs.

3. Transition guidance: A harbor pilot helps you steer the ship

Organizations always seem to be going into, through, or out of transition. The process can freak us out. Things are rocky and uncertain. Our risks rise. The stress of transition is also keen in our individual lives. 


We have deep experience helping individuals and organizations transition. For organizational transition, click here. For personal/life transition, click here.

4. Strategic planning: Don't get lost in space

There's an art to strategic planning. You have to identify the realities of your situation, identify the direction you need to go in, make plans to do so, and make sure that you've identified who will play what roles. We look at strategic planning as similar to a space mission: You want to launch into orbit and discover new things (i.e., brainstorm), but at some point you have to reenter and land successfully. Otherwise, you are (pardon the expression) "lost in space."


We have great experience in facilitating those conversations. We want to help you launch but not crash-land! Contact us today!