You can live without a lot of things, but it's hard to thrive in life if you don't feel significant. This page is a gathering of items that will help you with your significance. We feature blogs and video testimonies from those who had a serious challenge to their life significance. Please explore!

In our experience, so much of our activity is wasted. Do we need the junk that clutters our lives? Do our negative comments have to be expressed? Do our organization's meetings have to last as long as they do? Do our policies have to treat people like children?

We could all benefit by focusing on what counts, and using our time and resources to build well. Let us help you focus on what matters. Simplify. Weed the cruft. Remove the nonessential.


We help CEOs and governing boards maximize their time and efforts. To work well together, remove time wasters in meetings, align their messaging, and get them moving in the same unified direction.


We help people act on their wishes to declutter and downsize. We help them eliminate the clutter. Is it kind to accumulate a mass of junk and have it plopped on your kids when you're gone?