I have been personally inspired by Sid for more than 15 years (when we studied together in grad school), and was recently honored to serve on the same team with him for a year and a half. I have always been impressed with Sid's ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who come from extremely diverse backgrounds. He has built and led teams, offering a unique strategic perspective and building a caring workplace environment. Sid is a world-class communicator, who has traveled around the world, and throughout the U.S., inspiring people with his insightful perspectives. Plus, his personal story of overcoming tragedy has challenged many audiences to "build what counts." I have told Sid many times that although I had the incredible opportunity to supervise him for a season, I would have traded places with him any day--that is the highest recommendation that I can give! —JP, Colleague and CEO, Oklahoma and Colorado

Sid is an excellent coach for organizations working to expand their influence. His guidance, encouragement, and 20+ years of experience with nonprofit boards are much appreciated. I’ve spoken with 12 leaders who worked with Sid for a year or more; all of them pointed to tremendous board development/problem solving that occurred with Sid’s consultancy and coaching. In addition, Sid is an excellent speaker. He intentionally relates to and encourages seminar participants. —RM, Colleague, Georgia

The mission statement exercise was a genius way to bring about such affirming dialogue among board members . . . that they recognize what I put into my work here and that they have confidence in my leadership. For the first time, I felt like I had visitors to my "island." —HF, CEO, Michigan


Your insights, intuitiveness and intelligent approach have had so much impact! Your board training--compared to others we’ve had--was like going from black and white on a flat surface to brilliant color in 3-D. —LT, CEO, Ohio


Great job today, as always. Our board is engaged, excited about the present, and looking forward to the future. —HD, CEO, Colorado


I don’t know of anyone who has a better handle on nonprofit boards and the duty of care. He’s amazing. I have the highest respect for his knowledge and his integrity. You just can’t get any better help than what Sid Webb provides. —DH, Colleague, Georgia


Sid has the listening skills to go beyond what people say and recognize what they mean. He has the perceptiveness to identify what should be done to translate their needs into action. And he has the integrity and perseverance to see a project through to completion. He never loses sight of the fact that it’s the people, not the organizations, that matter. (As to) his spiritual commitment, integrity, organizational and leadership ability, or dependability, I saw first-hand how Sid continually exhibited all of those qualities. —TO, Colleague, Georgia


Many of the woes of leadership in the nonprofit world center around dysfunctional Boards. To improve Board function and effectiveness or to energize Board involvement, you simply must host Dr. Sid Webb for Focused Board! You'll discover it’s more than a training event to equip your Board in the vital roles of fiduciary responsibility, governance, and fundraising. You'll discover it’s the beginning of a relationship that will foster growth throughout your organization for years to come. —TJ, Development Director, Florida


You did a great job with our Board via Skype. I love your humor, warmth and especially depth. We’re better because of the time you have spent with us. —RB, Board Chair, Illinois


Since my role has been made clearer for me, I am so appreciating the freedom to commit to what I need to do as Board Chair, without feeling guilty about what I decide to delegate. This result from your training is tremendous! —NM, Board Chair, Ohio 


Thanks again for conducting a great retreat and honing in on the things we needed to hear and do as a board. Your perception skills and ability to find the right way to present what we needed to hear were very good for our board. I think we are off to a flying start. —JM, Board Member, Georgia


Thank you for the engaging and very helpful presentation! I was simultaneously challenged, encouraged, and given fresh vision for my own ministry with our elder board. -PH, Pastor, Illinois


The retreat surpassed my expectations! You are the perfect person for this Board and it was a great session. Thank you for a wonderful retreat and great content. —EH, Board Chair, Georgia

Thank you for your work. I credit (it) as the start of breaking paradigms and getting people to think in different ways. —BK, Pastor, Ohio


Every interaction we have ever had truly has shaped my life. And as you have poured into my life and spurred me on to places I never thought I would go, I look forward to making such a difference in the lives of others. —DW, Student, Georgia


I appreciate you being able to call me to tough decisions and I hope it makes me a better leader in the end. —MG, Board President, Colorado


Sid is an expert as a board coach. He asks challenging questions and offers insight that leads his client to take action steps. Sid assists in the transformation of a passive board to become a more engaged and unified board. I am a different, more confident leader, our board is engaged and our ministry is fulfilling its mission. —CM, CEO, Georgia


We were very pleased with the time. Thanks so much for pushing to the edges--exactly where our team needed to go. —MA, CEO, Colorado


Sid has great insights and understands business relationships and especially the inner workings of non-profits. His professional expertise, humor and tact are valuable assets for non-profit leaders and their boards. —AM, Colleague, Georgia


On behalf of the entire [school], thank you. I heard nothing but positive reports from staff, students, and friends. The messages were a welcome mix of inspiration and instruction. —NH, Professor, South Dakota


Within my 31 years of ministry I honestly confess that this is the first time I have been exposed to such awesome teachings. I firmly believe that you are a gift from God and I look forward to many more hours of learning under you. —KJ, Pastor, Sri Lanka