Your book is fabulous! The way you meticulously laid the groundwork in the earlier chapters which led to your message outlined in the later chapters was crafted brilliantly. I enjoyed each chapter thoroughly.   Mike M., attorney, Colorado

I just finished the book and wanted to thank you for sharing your story. Many many lessons there but the advice at the end is amazingly helpful. "Nomad's Fire" is a must-read!   Bill E., sheriff of the most populated county in Colorado

The real story of the book is about the 2013 wildfire that not only burned he and wife Suzy’s home to the ground . . . but also turned their world upside down. The story is engaging, instructive and inspirational. It’s not often a book hits me that hard, but Sid and Suzy’s experience did. Early on, one can sense the book building toward answering a critical question: How much “stuff” do we really need in this life? Get this book.   Mark M., newspaper editor, Georgia

This book is phenomenal!   Stacey D., television journalist, Colorado

I started reading it yesterday evening. Ended up reading it straight through. At one point I thought about how I should get to bed, but my next thought was "This isn't a book I can put down and read more later. I can't read a little here and there." It was a joy to get to know you more and to read of the insights God has given you along the way.   Chris H., nonprofit coordinator, Missouri

This is a book well worth reading . . . powerful, tender, strong, precious. Made me smile & touched me deeply. Really liked it.   Carol K., retiree, Florida

I have already started reading it and have been immediately drawn in! I look forward to reading more.  Cindy R., nonprofit executive, North Carolina

I'm into [the book] big time now, and I find myself praying that millions of people that don't know you will find it as captivating as those of us who do.  It's obvious you poured your heart and soul into it.   Ben C., doctor, Maine